2017 Thanksgiving Feast Day!

Monday we made bread together with Preschool. Preschoolers made some pies for us. Today we got to sit down together and eat a feast with turkey, ham, corn, pies and the bread we made! We also decided this morning in my classroom that since our tables were gone we should have a dance party so there is a picture of that.

Shaving cream!!!!

We did a small group this week with shaving cream. We talked about letters and shapes and made them on our “chalkboard” Since after small group I usually put the item in the classroom to use during playtime, one of the students asked where I was putting this one!! I chuckled and said I’m not crazy:)

Who works in our school?

It was so nice of Mrs. Kamm, our cook, and Mr. Mark, our janitor, to stop by our classroom this week. They talked about what they do and showed us special things they wear and tools they use to do their jobs! We also talked about other people at our school with jobs like Mr. Bell, the teachers, and even the students.