Wrap Around Room

Making our own sunshine!

Letter Z (Zebra, Zoo, Zoom, Zipper)

Letter Y (Yellow, Yes, Yet, Yum)

Letter X (X-ray)

Our last Atrium was this week and we sang some wonderful songs!

Letter W (What, When, Who, Why)

Letter V (Vent, Vroom, Van, Vase)

Parachute in Gym this week! We also got new coloring books!

Letter U (Under, Umbrella, Up, Uncle)

Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!

It has been a beautiful week so far!

Letter T (To, Top, Tree, Time)

Letter S ( She, See, Sit, Still)

Letter R (Read, Rest, Rush, Relax)

Letter Q (Queen, Quiet, Quit, Question)

We got one nice day in on the equipment!

Lucky us! We got read to by the 8th graders this week!

Beautiful Stick Art!

Letter P (Pen, Pond, Pull, Push)

More snow before Spring Break!

Letter O (Open, Off, Over, On)

Letter N (No, Nest, Nurse, Next)

New work in the Atrium! Some fun in our block area this week!

Letter M (Me, Money, Mop, Man)

Letter L (Lap, Lane, Lose, Less)

Letter K (King, Kind, Key, Kite)

Letter J (Just, Jar, Jacket, Jump)

We enjoyed playing teacher and reading to each other!

We got to see a new work in Atrium this week!

“Clouds” in our Shaving cream!

Rain Drops!

Letter I (I, Is, It, In)

Letter H (Hello, How, Here, He)

Changing the color to Green for Growing Time in the Atrium!

Comfy/ Pajama Day!

Letter G (Get, Go, Got, Give)

Learning with some new toys!

We miss the snow! Hopefully we get some over winter break!

Letter F (Face, For, From, Food)

Letter E (Elephant, Eyes, Eat, Easy)

Letter D (Dad, Dive, Do, Dog)

Letter C (Cat, Call, Car, Cut)

Letter B (Be, Back, Baby, Before)

Started sight words today! Letter A (A, Ask, After, Again)


Outside fun!

Outside fun!

Outside Fun!

The bus ride there!

The back of the bus ride there!

Picking apples!

Learning how to pick apples off the trees.

Comparing apples!

Searching for another apple.

Finding the perfect apple!

Heading back with a full basket of apples!

A group picture of all the kiddos!

Enjoying more apples!

Some kiddos enjoying their apples!

While picking!

Loving the apple orchard!

The kiddo’s heading home after a busy day at the orchard!

Dress up

Kitchen Play

Reading about Jesus

Reading about Jesus

Reading about Jesus.